Update on Brooklyn

After a little setback, Brooklyn finally got to go to Philly for her Car-T Cell experimental treatment.  On October 29th, Brooklyn was declared “IN REMISSION!” she still has some treatments that she travels a couple of times a week to Cincinnati for, but for the main part she is home and doing well!  Music to…


Why we do it!

Just check out this smile on Victory for Violet‘s face! This is exactly what we want from our foundation! This is what your donations do! This is a beautiful example of what Joey’s Journey wants to bring to so many kiddos! We are also in the midst of partnering with Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital and Riley Children’s Hospital North to…



Sometimes an action takes on such a different meaning than what is intended.I “unpinned” our story (which was really just the beginning of our story anyway) from the top of our Facebook page. I put it in the “Story” section. I wanted the focus to be on the NOW. This action physically changed my state…


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