Great Scans and Support for our heros!

Joey is the bomb-diggety!💣
He blasted those labs and x-rays with perfect scores! This was his 18-month post-treatment check-up. He has a CT at his 24-month then…only if needed! Pulmonary and Cardiovascular testing not again for 3 years!
Oh goodness, this news is so good!
But as a parent it feels so conflicting… the security of seeing his insides on a regular basis makes me worry less!
In other news, our oldest, Jack, has taken on the adventure of running for “Student of the Year” with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. LLS is dear to us since Joey had lymphoma and cousin Adam had leukemia, both in the blood cancer family. LLS makes great strides in research for these cancers and many therapies that start as blood cancer therapies end up being used as a treatment in other forms of cancers.
Not only do they have top-notch researchers, but they also advocate for patients by providing financial and emotional assistance. This is a win-win for us.
The campaign runs until March 12 if you would like to help us WIN! Joey is on Jack’s team too! Here are links to both of their sites.

Joey’s LLS Page
Jack’s LLS Page

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