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Meet Jacob…some words from his mom (I like his style!)
He likes Sonic, Gravity Falls, Freddy Fazzbear, Ghostbusters, basketball, baseball, he does Tae Kwon Do, he likes video games, he has a ps4 and Nintendo switch, he loves Minecraft, he loves art, loves to draw, and is amazing at it, he’s into many different things! He likes Goosebumps, he gets really into something for a while but switches and gets back into something else lol! His favorite actor is Adam Sandler. He loves stuffed animals. Loves Legos, he builds some awesome things!  He also loves music!
Ten years ago, Jacob was diagnosed with hypodiploid acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Doctors were not confident he would survive – the odds were stacked against him. He battled hard and by God’s grace, four years ago was officially declared cancer-free. The family is very hopeful he will beat the odds again.
Last month Jacob had a seizure after school, while at the bank with his Mom, Christina. She rushed him across the street to the hospital. Doctors discovered a golf-ball-sized tumor in his brain that was immediately removed and biopsied. Just over a week after his surgery,  Jacob was diagnosed with high-grade glioma, an aggressive, grade 4 cancer. This particular cancer has a very high mortality rate and has no cure at this time. Jacob’s parents (Rob and Christina) and sisters (Angel and Lilly) are overcome with sadness and fear.
We join them in clinging to the hope that a combination of science, strategic treatment, and prayer will heal Jacob. While he gets treatment, we raise money so they can live a little easier not worrying about financial stress.
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