Sometimes an action takes on such a different meaning than what is intended.
I “unpinned” our story (which was really just the beginning of our story anyway) from the top of our Facebook page. I put it in the “Story” section. I wanted the focus to be on the NOW.
This action physically changed my state of mind.
I put our personal cancer story on the back burner.
I moved our FIGHT story to the front.
This journey has taken a whole new path.
We aren’t just fighting for Joey anymore, we are fighting for ALL pediatric cancer patients.
Our foundation wants to advocate for each and every one of them. We want to raise awareness as well as bring a little joy to each child we encounter.

Something as simple as moving some wording on our facebook page put the finishing touches on guiding my whole perspective on the FIGHT.

Want to help us in our fight? We have lots of opportunities coming up soon!
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